Review of “Iscariot”

If you want a chance to win Iscariot by Tosca Lee then check out this review and blog. Michelle Sutton has written a great review of the book. Here’s an excerpt from his review:
Nobody puts skin on biblical figures and brings them to life as well as Tosca Lee. For some reason she also picks the toughest ones to portray in fiction. This novel, Iscariot, rang true to me. Her depiction of Judas Iscariot’s belief system had a convincing historical basis. And unlike the stereotyped condemned man who personified betrayal, she made him human and someone who truly did love Jesus when he became one of the disciples. Even in the end, she showed his regrets and they made sense given the story up to that point. I didn’t know how she’d pull off making him a sympathetic character, but she did it well!

Check out the blog and the book!

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