“What in God’s Name are We Doing?”

New book out by a friend of mine: Dan McGowan. Dan is a comedian….professionally that is. He’s not just a Facebook clown. He’s written an interesting book called “What in God’s Name are We Doing?” As funny as Dan is, this book will make you laugh and cry! Here is Dan’s description of the book:

“What in God’s Name are We Doing?” – Ever ask yourself that? Ever ask yourself that regarding “the church?” – sure you have. In my new book, I attempt to bring to light some of the issues that we face today simply because some in the church have veered a bit from the original plan. It’s not a slam on the church. It’s really more of an examination that I hope helps those who lead churches to do a better job of reaching those who been hurt or burned by the church. Only $2.99 (e-version) at Amazon. Why, that’s less than most coffee drinks at Starbucks. 😉

or, if you prefer the “hand held” version, get it for $9.99 at this link:http://www.donaldjamesparker.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=474

If Dan did it, I can recommend it!


Fact or Fiction

This blog raises some interesting questions. As a writer, especially a fiction writer, how far do you blur the lines between science fact and fiction? Do you allow inaccuracies if it will help move your story along. Feel free to comment here.

Philosophy By Christy

article image I think it’s always difficult in writing to make the story accurate.

According to this article from BBC News, our nation [the USA] has a top science organization, the Washington Academy of Sciences (WAS), which hands out seals of approval to books that present science correctly. This seems like it would benefit writers, just as much for readers. Though, what if we learn that what we thought was wrong was really right? It’s happened before in history. We did use to believe that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Which items does science say is correct now that we might learn later was wrong?

So how much accuracy should our fictional stories be accounted for?  Writers try to make their stories, though they are fictional, rooted in reality as much as possible.This is why research is an important factor for those who don’t have complete knowledge about a certain subject…

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GIVEAWAY time!!!

So, this Facebook friend is having a giveaway. I like giveaways! So here’s the deal. Enter and maybe you can win. If you don’t enter, I can guarantee that you won’t win.


That’s right, folks. Today, more than two years after I set up this page in order to showcase my writing and borderline insanity, we made it to 500 “likes.” Only I know each one of you is much more than a simple click and a screen name. If I could gather all of you together and give you a ginormous group hug, I would; even though you’re far more likely to find me hiding behind my laptop screen than out in public giving free hugs. 

THANK YOU for the kindness, generosity, and support that you have extended to me by sharing links to the page, leaving reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and by simply being here. Every new author starts out with only a handful of readers, but after two years, this page sees “likes” from more than twenty countries and more cities than I can count. I am so grateful for you all! 

As promised, as a sign of my appreciation, one lucky winner will receive The Land Beyond the Portal and Vapors (sorry, cool candles not included!). In order to enter this giveaway, you MUST email jsbailey@jsbaileywrites.com with GIVEAWAY as the subject and your full name in the body of the email. The winner will be chosen at 12pm EST on Wednesday, February 20. Will it be you?

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Empress Alexandra Holds Court

Addicted to Heroines Blog Tour is from a friend. I thought it was interesting and thought you might enjoy reading:

Welcome to the first of 1o days on the Addicted to Heroines Blog Tour. Today we feature an interview with Alexandra, Empress of Sea Gate Fortress and heroine of The Lost King, a novel of fantasy, intrigue, survival, self-discovery, romance and the spirit of investigation and invention that lends strength and inspiration.

Hear ye, hear ye. Empress Alexandra is now ready to hear questions and concerns from her loyal subjects.

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Photo-a-Day for February

Photo-a-Day for February

Fat Mum Slim has posted a photo a day challenge. I did all but one day in January and enjoyed it mostly. So, here is the February challenge. I was excited to see that a prompt I suggested was included…but I guess other people suggested it because she gave credit to someone else. (Hint: Day 28) Anyway, it’s a fun time and should spark some creativity. What is creativity? I heard this attributed to Einstein: Creativity is Intelligence having fun. So go to it you creative folks!