“What in God’s Name are We Doing?”

New book out by a friend of mine: Dan McGowan. Dan is a comedian….professionally that is. He’s not just a Facebook clown. He’s written an interesting book called “What in God’s Name are We Doing?” As funny as Dan is, this book will make you laugh and cry! Here is Dan’s description of the book:

“What in God’s Name are We Doing?” – Ever ask yourself that? Ever ask yourself that regarding “the church?” – sure you have. In my new book, I attempt to bring to light some of the issues that we face today simply because some in the church have veered a bit from the original plan. It’s not a slam on the church. It’s really more of an examination that I hope helps those who lead churches to do a better job of reaching those who been hurt or burned by the church. Only $2.99 (e-version) at Amazon. Why, that’s less than most coffee drinks at Starbucks. 😉

or, if you prefer the “hand held” version, get it for $9.99 at this link:http://www.donaldjamesparker.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=474

If Dan did it, I can recommend it!


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