Do You Know What These Words Mean?

So I found a site that had a bunch of words that have fallen out of use. I thought, why not make it a quiz. Who can come up with the right definitions? Put your definitions to the words in the list in the comments section. How many do you know? AFTER guessing, then read the actual list. (Just don’t ruin it for others!)

  1. Snoutfair:

  2. Pussyvan:

  3. Wonder-Wench:

  4. Lunting:

  5. California Widow:

  6. Groak:

  7. Jirble:

  8. Curglaff:

  9. Spermologer:

  10. Tyromancy:

  11. Beef-Witted:

  12. Queerplungers:

  13. Englishable:

  14. Resistentialism:

  15. Bookwright:

  16. Soda-squirt:

  17. With squirrel:

  18. Zafty:

One thought on “Do You Know What These Words Mean?

  1. Wow…how embarrassing!! I have never heard ANY of these words used, ever!! I have no idea as to the definitions of any of them. It’s going to be fun looking them up though. Love to expand the vocab!

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