The Theory of Added Blog Visitors

One of the blogs I follow is beginning to look at increasing blog visitors. I will reblog them here, but feel free to follow Resting in His Grace. Good stuff!

Resting in His Grace

I needed a moment of honesty. Like many other places where I’ve read, I once succumbed to the lie, “It doesn’t really matter to me how many people come to my blog.”

Here’s my moment of honesty. If I didn’t care if readers came to read what I write, then I would just buy a personal journal and write away. You’d never hear from me again. The traffic I receive here at RIHG is important to me.

Now that we’re being honest with one another, what if I told you there are some very basic things you can do to increase readers coming to your blog site? Don’t let that thought overwhelm you, what is required comes with a price.

No, I don’t mean you have to get out your wallet. It’s not that kind of price. The cost is a few more labor hours and knowing the right things…

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