At What Frequency Does Writer’s Block Crumble?

While I have no problem when listening to music while I write: Classical Music and Bold, adventurous soundtracks work best for me, There are a lot of good thoughts in here. I can imagine coming back and checking out some of the sound effect ideas at different times in my writing. Great job, Philosopher!

South Texas Scribes

It’s more than half way through July NaNoWriMo and I have almost nothing written. I’m set up in my parent’s patio watching the rain with bebop jazz on Pandora and coffee on the table. The only thing that would complete this mock-café scenario would be the sound of dishes clattering, people chattering and baristas calling out orders with the excitement of a greyhound race announcer. “Macchiato ready at the bar with chi latte and a bagel gaining in second!”

In addressing writer’s block, the use of sound, or the lack thereof, is frequently suggested. It is the screwdriver of any writer’s tool box. The problem is, there are all kinds of screwdrivers for all sorts of jobs and it’s no different when talking about the frequency on which one’s writing brain tunes in static-free. I’m not simply referring to varying taste in music from scribe to scribe but rather to…

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