Blood Calls to Blood

FYI! This entry was the champion for this week. I am therefore adding the badge of victory!

#5MinuteFiction winner's badge

5 Minute Fiction Winner Week 162

The theme of tonight’s #5MinuteFiction was “For today’s writing prompt: In keeping with the paranormal theme, write a story in which your character carries a secret in his or her blood.” TBH, there were some good stories there and I am waiting on my vote for a little bit! I am including my entry below:


“Blood calls to blood.” John couldn’t remember how many times his mother had told him that, but it was never important before tonight. As the searched the bushes for the lost girl, his blood started rushing, almost screaming in his veins. This girl was kin and he hadn’t known it.

He couldn’t tell the others – they wouldn’t understand. He slowly led the search party away from their original objective. It took awhile for anyone to say anything. When Frank pointed out that they had strayed from their original path John muttered something about “feeling it in his blood” and moved persistently through the tangled underbrush.

He thought about the purges and how he had barely survived when his mother hid him just before she was taken away. He knew that he couldn’t explain what was happening. The blood screamed louder and off in the distance they heard a short cry. He wondered if it was her. He wondered if she realized what she was feeling.

All those thoughts ran through his mind quickly when out of the brush a figure broke into a run holding the girl. She hadn’t been lost; she had been taken and now her blood called out to his in an almost deafening cry of fear. He called out and the team tracked the kidnapper down, rescuing the poor frightened child. John focused on her and as their blood calmed down together he quietly told her not to say anything; that they would talk soon. After so many years he had finally found another. To think that it was his best friend’s child.


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