Time Enough To Love…or is there? #5MinuteFiction

The prompt was to refer to Heinlein’s book Time Enough to Love in the story. With 9/11 happening tomorrow, I wanted to pay homage to those who lost loved ones in the terrorist attack. Here was my contribution. Will it make the finals? We’ll see!


It was Monday night and John was tired. Claire had called again and left a message on the answering machine. “Please, call me. I miss you.” He grimaced. He didn’t want to talk tonight. There would be time enough for love tomorrow.


The phone rang. He let the answering machine pick it up. It was Claire. Sure, he wanted to be with her, just not tonight. He was dead tired. He ignored the call, let her finish her plea on the machine and yawned. Tomorrow. He would see her tomorrow. He was off tomorrow and he could surprise her. She’d like that. Tomorrow there would be enough time for love. She could get away from work. She’d gotten that promotion and had earned the time. Tomorrow.


John fell asleep blissfully thinking of the surprise Claire would get tomorrow. He awoke early and prepared to drive into the city. He always loved visiting Claire at her job. He loved the view from her office on the 95th floor. Today would be a good day. Traffic was about normal as he drove into the city. He had grown accustomed to the stoppages and the slow going.


As the music played on, he almost didn’t notice the flashing lights. He wondered what he had done wrong. He pulled aside, only to discover that it was an ambulance. He started to pull back into traffic and a Fire Truck raced behind him. And then another one. And another one. More ambulances and police ahead were waving people off the road. He wondered what had happened.


Then, he saw it. The North Tower was burning from the floors that looked like Claire’s. He gulped. If Claire was there. He found a place to stop the car and ran towards the Twin Towers. Then he looked as a plane plowed into the South Tower. He was shocked and confused. But he realized that he would never have time enough to love with Claire again.


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