October 29 – #5MinuteFiction

This was a tough one tonight. I’m not a big fan of Halloween. I don’t do scary writing in general. So, when the prompt was a picture that was Halloween based, I wasn’t sure which way to go. Here’s the picture

Retrieved from Captivation Media Group

Retrieved from Captivation Media Group

I decided to put a different spin on this story. Some of the others are better from the horror angle so I’m not sure if this will make it past the judge into the finals….

The wind howled as Jenny and her little sister stared at the gate. Dried leaves swirled around their feet rustling on the sidewalk. Earlier in the night they had been crunching those leaves joyously as they walked. Now their feet were still. That gate loomed in front of them and neither of them wanted to go through.

Jenny urged her little sister. “C’mon Fran. We said we would.”

Fran squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head; talking was out of the question.

The wind whistled through the bushes behind the wall and past the steel spines on the gates. The girls were sure that they heard a howling voice inviting them in.

Fran mustered up the courage to say, “No! I’m not ready to go there!”

Jenny nodded in silent agreement. Slowly she began to lead Fran away from the gloomy gates. “Which way, Fran?” she croaked. She was afraid to be too loud in case anyone inside might hear her.

Fran pointed towards a dead tree that highlighted the rising moon. “There. That way.”

Jenny nodded. “Let’s go.”

Fran and Jenny visited every house on that block and got their candy booty from the residents. Then, they came to the gate again. It still called them. It still beckoned them. The both shook their heads and started to walk towards the west when they heard footsteps crunching the leaves from behind the gate. An old voice cried out, “Girls! Is that you? I’ve been waiting for you.”

Fran and Jenny tried to run, but Fran tripped over her costume. Jenny frantically tried to pick her up but it was too late. The gate creaked open with a loud raspy sound. The lady from behind the gate shouted at them.

“Fran! Jenny! You two are late! You were supposed to be home an hour ago! Now get inside. I’m worried about you two out all alone this late.”

So…that’s tonight. Enjoy!

National Novel Writing Month – in Corpus Christi

As November approaches, the computers are getting warmed up and plots keep hatching all over. If you are a writer in the Coastal Bend who is doing NaNoWriMo this year, come join us!

South Texas Scribes

There will be no November meeting of the South Texas Scribes as many of our members will be participating in National Novel Writing Month. For those wishing to participate in National Novel Writing Month, please be sure that you have signed up for the event at http://www.nanowrimo.org

If you are participating in the Corpus Christi area:

  • I, Gloria Vasquez, be your Municipal Liason and you may contact me with any questions about nanowrimo. PhilosopherSocrates@yahoo.com
  • All in person meetings are optional but very helpful.
  • At every event, look for the table with the viking helmet.
  • Plot-in
    • What: Time set aside to plot our novels before November
    • When: Sunday Oct 13, 2pm.
    • Where: “Coffee Waves” on Alameda, 5783 S Alameda
  • Kick Off Party – Costume Optional!
    • What: Just to mingle and get to know your fellow writers or ask questions. Family and friends of participants are more than welcome.
    • When: Sunday Oct…

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Magical Gem – A Blessing or a Curse….

After many weeks, finally able to do #5MinuteFiction tonight. The prompt was “Write any kind of story you want, but it must include a magical gem that is both blessing and curse.”

This was my entry:

“Rough, eh?” the ranger looked at me sympathetically.

“Yeah,” I said. Enthusiasm was notably lacking. It was a beautiful late spring day and the snow was melting on the lower slopes of the mountain. And we found those hikers who had disappeared. Well, I had found them, actually. Quite a shock.

“So there they were?” he asked. “Did they look just like this when you found them?”

I stifled my sarcastic urge. What I wanted to say was, “No, I just made them look like they had those silly grins on their faces because I thought people should be happy in death.” Instead, I shrugged and said, “That’s how they were. Never saw anyone dead like that before.”

The ranger looked at me strangely and then looked back at the victims. They had died in the avalanche. Usually we did a good job of predicting them, so not only was I sorry about the deaths in general, I felt responsible. This one came out of nowhere. Their grins made it seem as if they were happy. Insanely happy considering the situation.

“Well, we’d better put them on the stretchers,” the ranger said.

“D’you want the head or the feet?” I asked with a grimace.

“I’ll take the head,” he said. He didn’t look excited either.

We picked up the body and started to put it on the stretcher to bring it down the mountain so his family could give him a proper burial.

“What’s that?” I said, surprised at the box underneath him.

“Dunno,” the ranger replied. “Let’s check it out.”

We opened the box. Five gold bars gleamed at us. We both fought back the natural impulse.

“Well, his family will have something to help ease the pain,” I finally said.

“Yup,” the ranger said reluctantly.

We went for the second body and I took the head this time. As I picked it up, a small opal like substance rolled out of his hand. “Hmmm,” I said to no one in particular.

The ranger looked at it and laughed. “The gold’s enough. You can have it. That things worthless.”

I smiled and put it in my pocket. We went back to picking up the second body and put it on the second stretcher.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Happy to help. Hope the rest of the day goes better.”

I smiled at him. In spite of the situation, I was feeling better. “I’m feeling lucky already,” I said and then wondered why I had put things that way.