What do you give up in order to make the time to write?

Interesting question here. I basically said that during November, I focus and get things written. During the rest of the year, I get lazy and play around, mostly on Facebook. If you had to answer this question, how would you answer it?

December 3 – Writing Dialogue

Well, I probably violated some rules with today’s prompt for #5MinuteFiction so might not make the finals on that basis alone. Of course, the fact that there a lot of good entries where some might be better than mine might be another reason. Check the contestants out at WriteonWendy.

For today’s writing prompt: Write an argument between two people using only dialogue. Bonus points if you can avoid speech tags (such as ‘he said’) and explanatory prose.

“Really?” he raised his eyebrows.

Eyes flaring “Yes, really! That’s the last time I’ll put up with that!”

“Ha, ha, ha. When you talked like that to my parents, you took your smug-self-satisfied-I’m-always-right-and-you’re-always-wrong attitude with me then. Just like now.”

“Well, I was right.”

“My dear, even if you were right, you don’t treat my parents like that. That was far worse than anything I ever said to your parents. Or how I said it.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Your parents wanted to serve red wine with fish. With FISH!”

“I can see why that would upset you.” He turned his head and chuckled. “That is far much worse than forgetting to have artificial sweetener for the coffee.”

She smiled, missing the sarcasm. “It’s about time you saw it my way. Besides, that artificial sweetener is supposed to cause health problems.”

“uhm….there are stories to that effect, yes.” She was right about that!

“Maybe I need to look at things a little differently myself.”

“Whatcha mean?”

“Red wine is good for the heart. Fish is good for the heart. Maybe it isn’t such a faux pas serving red wine with fish.”

I nodded. “Hadn’t thought about that. So you’re mad at my parents for being extra healthy. I’m mad at your parents for being healthy. Maybe…”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Do you start these arguments on purpose?”

“Of course. Ready to make up?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

First Excerpt from Restoring the Peace

This year my novel for NaNoWriMo is a sequel to last year’s novel. Last year was called “Inward Journey.” This year’s was “Restoring the Peace.” As of now, I’m planning on next year’s to be the third book in the series with the title of “Reconciliation.” (I’ll explain the rationale later)

I am publishing the first excerpt today. When I publish raw unedited text, I would love to have your comments and suggestions. Just be kind. I’ve already had one great comment from my Facebook author’s group so, please feel free to help me out. Here’s the setting and then the excerpt.

Setting: the land in the picture below. It’s a few months (lunar cycles) after last year’s novel. Male Main Character (MMC) is Seppe. Female Main Character (FMC) is Re’Lears (Re for short). They are waiting on news about a ruling from the Supreme Council. (I have to work that in more in the re-write…but I digress.) They get news of the death of a childhood friend of Seppe’s. (like an uncle to him)

Wesdania and Seppe

He looked into the night sky and realized that the moons had been in about these same positions when their case began four lunar cycles ago. Darwinda’s silver gleam was just now showing in the eastern sky while Granset’s golden hues were giving the impression of the end of daylight. Now, he was feeling romantic as he looked at Re’Lears under the glow of the moons. His tendrils quivered with excitement as he looked at her. They had begun dating a fourth of a lunar cycle after their last case when Seppe had screwed up the courage to ask her out. He finally realized how much he missed her companionship when they didn’t have the daily give and take of the case. He tried not to flaunt it in front of Aiden who had gained a new love, only to lose her to the killer almost immediately. Aiden hadn’t let his grief show, but Captain Tengler had suggested strongly that he take a vacation once the case was over. Seppe didn’t feel too much guilt about his developing relationship with Re’Lears when Aiden wasn’t around.

He looked at Re’Lears getting ready to say something stupid and make a fool of himself when his communicator chirped. Seppe was a bit annoyed until he realized how much a fool he would have been and thanked the Creator, whom he no longer really believed in, for protecting him. “Probably news about the announcement,” Seppe said breaking the silence.

He stood in silence for a few moments when Re’Lears egged him on. “Well, what’s the news then? Let’s hear it straight.”

“There is no chance of a magical moment tonight,” Seppe thought as he pulled out his communicator. Then he groaned. “It’s not the verdict,” he said, “It’s from Patron.” He looked at the communicator malevolently as if the communicator had failed in its job to protect him. He shook his head and started to put the communicator back in its case.

Re’Lears scolded him. “What? You aren’t even going to read what your Patron said? It might be important.”

Seppe laughed. She didn’t know Patron! “He never has anything important to say. I can tell you what it’s going to say: “Haven’t seen you in a while. Come on back for a visit. Come to the assembly with us.” He scoffed as he started to put the communicator back in his pocket.

As Re’Lears turned to face him, her face caught the golden hues of Granset which, instead of being softening, added an ominous aura to her appearance. “Seppe of the Qu’evah. You read your father’s message right now. I don’t care what you think it says. Read it!” She smiled a bit. “Besides, one of these days you may want me to come with you to meet them,” she said coyly.

Seppe rolled his eyes at Re’Lears and shook his head to let her know that she was wrong. Still, he  took out the communicator, selected the message and opened it. He started reading sarcastically. “’Dear Seppe, We have missed you. I have asked you to come home often. I know that you don’t really want to come home…’ no, how’d he know that?” Seppe asked then continued reading the letter, “‘I was hoping you’d come home for Vierados’ funeral.’” The mocking tone stopped as he read that news. Then he bowed his head as he shook it. “Vierados is dead?” he asked incredulously. He looked around and found a bench to sit down on. He put the communicator between his knees and stared at it in silence until Re’Lears broke through the wall of grief.