December 3 – Writing Dialogue

Well, I probably violated some rules with today’s prompt for #5MinuteFiction so might not make the finals on that basis alone. Of course, the fact that there a lot of good entries where some might be better than mine might be another reason. Check the contestants out at WriteonWendy.

For today’s writing prompt: Write an argument between two people using only dialogue. Bonus points if you can avoid speech tags (such as ‘he said’) and explanatory prose.

“Really?” he raised his eyebrows.

Eyes flaring “Yes, really! That’s the last time I’ll put up with that!”

“Ha, ha, ha. When you talked like that to my parents, you took your smug-self-satisfied-I’m-always-right-and-you’re-always-wrong attitude with me then. Just like now.”

“Well, I was right.”

“My dear, even if you were right, you don’t treat my parents like that. That was far worse than anything I ever said to your parents. Or how I said it.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Your parents wanted to serve red wine with fish. With FISH!”

“I can see why that would upset you.” He turned his head and chuckled. “That is far much worse than forgetting to have artificial sweetener for the coffee.”

She smiled, missing the sarcasm. “It’s about time you saw it my way. Besides, that artificial sweetener is supposed to cause health problems.”

“uhm….there are stories to that effect, yes.” She was right about that!

“Maybe I need to look at things a little differently myself.”

“Whatcha mean?”

“Red wine is good for the heart. Fish is good for the heart. Maybe it isn’t such a faux pas serving red wine with fish.”

I nodded. “Hadn’t thought about that. So you’re mad at my parents for being extra healthy. I’m mad at your parents for being healthy. Maybe…”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Do you start these arguments on purpose?”

“Of course. Ready to make up?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”


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