The Monsters Under the Bed

“Momma! I’m scared.”

“There, there. You’ll be ok.”

“But I hear them at night. I think they may be talking about me.”

Momma’s wry smile belied her feelings. She was going to have to deal with this sometime. Now just wasn’t the time. He wasn’t ready for the whole truth just yet. “Don’t worry honey. The little ones can’t hurt you. They’re just as scared as you. The big ones can’t see you.”


“Really. I stood in front of one the other day and she didn’t move a muscle.” Ok, it was a bit of a lie…perhaps a big lie, but he needed his sleep.

“Then I’m safe?”

She smiled. “Yes dear.” She kissed him and tucked him in. She shook her head as she left. It was hard enough raising young ones, but it was even harder when they wouldn’t sleep because they were afraid of the humans on top of the bed.


Just an idea that came to me this morning…dunno why.



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