#ROW80 – A Challenge!

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So there is a challenge I found out about thanks to Amy Beth Inverness one of the people I’ve “met” online through my writing in the #5MinuteFiction contest. For this challenge you have to set goals for your writing and post about them on Wednesday and Sunday. I’m really planning on entering the next round, but it looks like you can jump in any time. SO….let me get a start on the next round which is supposed to begin April 7.

My ROW80 Goals beginning this week:

  • I will work on editing my novels. I have neglected editing for too long. I will spend at least 5 hours this week on editing.
  • Limit Blog Time. I have already given up Facebook for Lent in order to work on promoting my blogs. I will limit that work to 90 minutes or less per day.
  • New writing. I will engage in 2 hours this week of new writing. New writing may be anything from #5MinuteFiction to song writing to work on a novel or prep work for Nano 2014. (I won’t count editing the other books as prep work even if it is a series and I am doing my world building!)

In order to accomplish these goals I will have to keep up with other work – amazing how jobs get in the way of writing – and become more organized in other ways. Let’s see what happens!

Here is the “Linky” site for other blogs in the #ROW80 challenge.

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8 thoughts on “#ROW80 – A Challenge!

  1. I love both #5MinuteFiction (every Tuesday night) and #ROW80 (A Round of Words in 80 Days.) When I started ROW80 I gave a detailed word count, broken down into blogging and my WIP. That was too much work. Now I only do the Wednesday hookups, with a more general summary of how I did with my goals.

    I’m glad you’re jumping in!

  2. Thanks Denise! I think the new writing portion and the limited blogging are going to be the biggest problems. I keep wanting to check the latest from others and, I’m working on a hymn that has two verses and a chorus so far. I want a third verse…..but the section under the third verse heading keeps staying blank no matter how hard I look at it. The limited blogging sort of makes it harder to meet new people…but I am focusing on that as well.

  3. Welcome!

    I’m in my third year of ROWing, and I still remember how exciting those first goals were.

    Now I set my yearly projects around ROW80, sponsor, and, like Denise, have met so many wonderful people.

    More than that. I see myself and my writing so much differently now. I have resources I didn’t have, ideas and projects I wouldn’t have dreamed of, at the beginning.

    Your goals seem challenging but attainable. And you’ve just gained a pretty terrific cheering section!

    Yeah, you got this! =)

    • Thanks shanjenia! As I checked out the webpages I saw some pretty awesome people. Experienced writers who were willing to share, others struggling like I am right now at the beginning of writing. I’ve got a few ideas for the next round too. It’s exciting to be able to be a part of this group!

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