#ROW80 – Plodding – It’s Slow But It’s Progress

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This accountability thing is nerve wracking! I mean…how long do I keep using excuses? Actually, some progress being made. Monday and Tuesday are slow days, but I got some things done. Wednesday – it’s a full day already. I’m posting this early because I won’t get to it later. Besides – I’ve got an offer for you that is more fun that voting. Ok, well, really it’s voting so technically, it can’t be more fun than voting. (Ah, but too late. The offer has now expired.)

My ROW80 Goals beginning this week:

  • I will work on editing my novels. I have neglected editing for too long. I will spend at least 5 hours this week on editing.
    • I’ve gotten about 30 minutes in so far this week. The next three days will be editing days. 
  • Limit Blog Time. I have already given up Facebook for Lent in order to work on promoting my blogs. I will limit that work to 90 minutes or less per day.
    • I did pretty good at limiting my blog time. Most of my time was spent reading the posts from others in this challenge. Hopefully that will build up my writing blog/platform. I need to work on time to use for building my Devotional Blog as well. 
  • New writing. I will engage in 2 hours this week of new writing. New writing may be anything from #5MinuteFiction to song writing to work on a novel or prep work for Nano 2014. (I won’t count editing the other books as prep work even if it is a series and I am doing my world building!)
    • Two things totaling an hour so far. One is #5MinuteFiction. I like that challenge because it forces me to get outside my writing box and look at things in a far different manner than I normally would. I made the finals this week. with the writing you might see in the post just before this one.  If you are looking at this before 6:30 CDT, you can actually go, read the stories and vote for your favorite – which will, of course, be mine. (Ok, maybe not.) Isn’t that a great opportunity for you? I told you it was coming… Next, I got something resembling verse 3 on my poem/song. With any poetic writing I do, the mental blank spaces are an important part of the writing! On my way to my goal.
  • Photography. – I will categorize (star and label) at least 100 pictures per week. I will fully edit at least 5 pics per week.
    • Got a start with the categorizing at about 25. I should have more time the rest of this week to complete this goal. 

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4 thoughts on “#ROW80 – Plodding – It’s Slow But It’s Progress

  1. Five minute fiction is fun (if it’s the one I remember). There are also the flash fiction challenges on various sites, and three word Wednesday…
    If you’re looking for a nice fiction community challenge, you could try our WIPpet Wednesdays. It’s a very supportive writing/critique group that will help encourage each other to write more.

      • The WIPpet (WIP for Work In Progress) is a small sample related somehow to the date. Then as a group we give suggestions and advice as requested to each other on how the piece flows, intrigues us, etc.. We post our pieces on Wednesday (thus the name) on our group linky: http://www.inlinkz.com/wpview.php?id=355404

        It’s a good group.

        Some weeks are harder than others. You do what you can.

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