Week 1 of #ROW80 in the Can

The Row 80 Challenge

The Row 80 Challenge

Well it’s certainly been an interesting week. Let’s not do that again. Sometimes writing has been a diversion from the pressures of the world. This week it’s been a necessary escape. Rather than dwell on this let’s keep looking to the future. So, as to my goals….

Goal #1 – Editing. I plan to do about 2 hours per week editing previous work.

I actually met this goal in an unexpected way. I write devotional thoughts on my daily Bible Reading each day. Someone put a bug in my ear about finding a way to publish them. So, I spent 2-3 hours working on editing those thoughts. I had planned to work on editing some past novels from my NaNo participation but this just struck me as what I needed to do. If you are interested, my daily writings can be seen at my devotional blog

Goal #2 – Writing. I have a couple of short story ideas that I’d like to play with. So, I’ll do about 2 hours per week of short story writing.

I just had a few minutes of writing to meet this goal and I got that done. I don’t know how much quantity I got done in that two hours, but I got a lot of research done by talking with my son. (I needed some help on military procedures.) Talking with him was the best part of that time.

Goal #3 – Use time wisely at school and get caught up on grading so that I have time to write!

I don’t know how wisely I’ve used my time, but I’m almost caught up on my grading. I’d better be by the end of the week since grades are due. To be honest, issues at school are what have made this such an “interesting” week. Without going into it, I can say that my stomach is still unhappy about things. I will get over it though. I’m working hard to prevent myself from making snap emotional decisions that will have long term effects.

Goal #4 – Work on my reading. I have two books I need to be reading right now. One for Sunday School leadership and the other for some group studies we’ll be doing. I need to stay caught up on those.

Let’s be honest. I didn’t touch the book for Sunday School and played hooky from that meeting. I don’t really like that book so it wasn’t a big loss. I didn’t get to the other book, but I still have time before the study. I did spend a lot of time researching some issues in publishing so it was sill worth the time. I consider the goal accomplished. 

Goal Updates for Next Week – Goals #1, #2 and #4 are good as they are, but I’d rather not be so specific on the books for goal #4. The reading will be craft productive reading or designed to keep up with other things I need to do. I need to spend about 4 hours this week. Goal #3 has to be met this week – it’s part of my job! I’m just going to try and get back where I need to be emotionally at school for Goal #3….

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