There was This Set of Goals I was Supposed to Be Working on – Row80

Ok, ok. So Wednesday is a terrible day for me to have to report. Monday night – not home til about 9:00 and then having to do dishes. (My wife’s doctor’s excuse expires soon, though.) Tuesday night, I can only say that I worked on goal number 3. Wednesday Night – I just got home and my only writing is going to be on this blog. Oh, and helping a friend edit an essay she has to write. It will be a late night. So…



Goal #1 – Editing. I plan to do about 2 hours per week editing previous work.

There’s still time. I don’t count the editing I’ll be doing for my friend. Nothing so far.

Goal #2 – Writing. I have a couple of short story ideas that I’d like to play with. So, I’ll do about 2 hours per week of short story writing.

Uhm…there’s still time. etc.

Goal #3 – get back where I need to be emotionally at school.

Ok…with all the tension, I needed a blowout type of night. So here. I was talking to kids at school about that today.”You know what a selfie is, sir?”) Spoken with utter amazement. When I talked about using the hashtag that put it on the big video screen they gasped. “You know what a hashtag is sir?” They also asked about Facebook and Instagram. That and the end of the biggest tension producer for me made today a lot more fun. I need to be able to enjoy my students in order to be the kind of teacher I like to be. That and only have 6-7 weeks of school left….

Goal #4 – Work on my reading. I need to spend about 4 hours this week on craft productive or other essential reading. 

Remember what I said earlier about there still being time. Ditto.

I am looking forward to more writing time tomorrow – but I realize tomorrow may not be the writing nirvana I had expected. Thus, I really should seek to do a little bit each day. That or a lot on the weekends. (I bet you were expecting something deep and philosophical the way that started!)

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2 thoughts on “There was This Set of Goals I was Supposed to Be Working on – Row80

  1. The trick that I found helped when trying to fit writing in my previously busy school schedule, was carrying my laptop with me… everywhere. I am lucky that it is a Mac book air, but just having you work with you will make you more inclined to write whenever you have that free moment. That said, I wish you luck with your writing and the rest of the school term 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve done that during NaNo, but my laptop is a big 17 incher that isn’t easy to carry around. I sometimes use my tablet though….

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