Fasten Your Seat Belts – A Review of Dangerous Ways

Dangerous Ways by R. R. Virdi

When R. R. Virdi was a young child, I am sure that people told him that he lived in his own world. In Dangerous Ways he doesn’t so much invite you into his world, as he opens a vortex that sucks you in from opening scene. Virdi’s world is the foundation for all his writing in the Urban Fantasy genre. His first series, The Grave Report, and this book, the first in The Books of Winter series, all take place in this amazing world and not only do we get a compelling story, we get another view of this wonderland from a different angle.

Did I say wonderland? Well, Alice surely wouldn’t recognize this wonderland as we see the ominous side of many fantasy creatures we have come to know and love in the writings of others. We follow the journeys of two characters, dare I name them? Yes, I will. Jonathan Hawthorne and Cassidy (Cassie) Winters lead us through this world popping into the most interesting and frightening places. Their journey is fraught with danger from the very creatures they need to contact.

Jonathan gets involved in Cassie’s problems knowing full well that his help could cost him his life. But, Cassie is a girl in trouble whose amazing powers have marked her for death from the creatures of this world while she has no understanding. The journey through the world also sees interesting growth in the characterization of Cassie as she adapts to this unknown world and its strange ways during her adventures. The adventures keep you guessing as new dangers and creatures beset the two all the way to the end of the book.

Given what I have read from Mr. Virdi there is a simple rule to follow: when he releases a book, buy it. You will be sure to be on a roller coaster ride of adventure and emotions that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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