About Me, About This Blog

Greetings! My name is Bob James and I write as a hobby and read as a hobby. I wanted to use this blog to work on my writing, but also be able to react to the writing of other people. I have started reviewing books for Fiction Addict and will be sharing my reviews for that site along with other independent reviews I might do. I will also be reacting to the writing of friends, especially in the South Texas area. I may share some of the things that they write as well. And, of course, I will be sharing excerpts from my writing. I maintain one blog specifically for my devotional writing called Daily Enduring Truth. (Yeah, I know that’s sort of oxymoronic…that was the point.) In that blog I take my daily Bible reading and seek to share what God has taught me that day.

So where did the title come from? Back when I was young, Joni Mitchell wrote a song called “Both Sides Now.” As I thought about setting up a blog to detail my writing and my reviews I realized that I was looking at both sides of writing: as an author and as a reader. So I will be writing from both sides of the manuscript. “Ice Cream Castles in the Air” is a phrase that she uses that struck me as fun and whimsical, which this writing and reviewing is supposed to be. So, jump on in, discuss the writings, agree with me and tell me what amazing insights I have or disagree with me and tell me how my understanding is lacking. (Just be courteous and we can get along!)

One thought on “About Me, About This Blog

  1. Hey, you won Iscariot by Tosca Lee on my blog and I am trying to reach you since you didn’t leave an email in your post. Please write me and give me your mailing info so I can send it to Tosca and she can send you the book.

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