Top Ten Graves Moments – Reblog

Leslie Conzatti over at Upstream Writer put together a top 10 list of moments from the Grave Report Series (the first two books). I’m sharing her first two, and then giving you a link to the rest. If you’ve read the series, do you agree with her? What other moments would you consider. If you haven’t read the series, maybe this will give you a good introduction and spike your interest.

Hit List: Top 10 Vincent Graves Moments from “The Grave Reports” by R. R. Virdi

Vincent Graves. Those who know him, love him. Those who don’t know him–have no idea what they’re missing. A man reduced to literally a soul and begrudgingly whisked through time and space at the behest of a higher power, if there’s anything Vince consistently carries with him, it’s the sarcasm, the nerdy references, the brash impulsiveness–and at the bottom of it all, the unshakable belief that he can use his constantly-repeating life to make all the difference in the world, even if he has to break a few supernatural rules to do it. It’s that heart that drives us back to him and keeps us thirsty for more–and it’s moments like these ten (in no particular ranked order) that live in our imaginations and keep us giggling even when the peril is at its greatest!
1. Scaring The Bejeezus Out Of The Old Groundskeeper
We first meet Vince Graves in Grave Beginnings… literally bashing his way out of a grave. If that’s not a totally fitting introduction for a character, I don’t know what is!
It’s not just the fact that he knows all the statistics and “insider information” about being buried in a coffin, though… It’s when he gets out, and there’s this old man standing there–Vince has the gall to greet him with the well-timed phrase, “Well whaddya know? You really can dig your way here from China!” Whereupon the groundskeeper clutches his chest and keels over… and so the fun and games begin!
2. “Supernatural Douche Kitty.”
Hands-down my favorite line from the first book, Grave Beginnings. And absolutely a fitting insight into his character. See, the supernatural don’t fight by what we mortals consider “fair.” Things like inanimate objects, gravity, empirical senses–everything is fair game when you’re tracking a supernatural entity! This was the moment, though, where things began to really take a turn for the “holy altered state of reality, Batman!” Vince is on the trail of discovering the monster who killed the person whose body he currently inhabits (yeah… it takes some getting used to…) when said entity decides to throw him off–by animating a bronze tiger statue in front of a nearby Asian restaurant! Vince responds with his customary dry wit, understating the visual of a full-size tiger made of metal chasing him down the streets of Manhattan by referring to it as a “kitty.” And from that moment on, I knew I was going to love this series forever.
To read the rest of the Top Ten, go to Upstream Writer

Indie Author E. A. Copen

One of the independent authors I really like is E. A. Copen. Her main series is an Urban Fantasy  look at a world where Supernatural Beings are herded onto a reservation in West Texas. The Judah Black novels are a lot of fun. Ann Shannon had a great interview with Copen on her blog. Rather than trying to recreate the interview, I’m going to share a little bit of the beginning and then send you over to Ann’s blog. Get to know E. A. and look into her writings! (You even have a chance to win a free Kindle version of one of her books!)


EA Copen is a time traveler who’s been writing since she was three. She exists, not only on our timeline, but also in Ancient Rome where she’s called Pompeia Furia.

Hi and welcome to the launch of the Indie Author BLT Spotlight. If you are here, you are helping to launch a brand new way to appreciate Indie Authors for all their hard work. I will be spotlighting a new author each month, they will always be Indie or small press authors, though my focus is on Indies. Each month you’ll get to know my featured author, how they came to be an author, how they approach their craft and many other exciting facts. You’ll also be eligible for a sweepstakes in which I’ll give away one or more of their books so you can sample their work! What could be more exciting than that?

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EA Copen is a breakout Indie author of 2016.

She’s the author of four books with a fifth and sixth set for release later this year. In 2016 she published her first book on April 1, her second book on July 8 and her third on November 4. Let me reassure you, they are all powerhouses that will keep your eyes glued to the pages as you stay up long past your bedtime. I got a chance to chat with her for a bit and this is what I learned about her. Sit down, pour yourself a drink, wine if you want to join her in ancient Rome while you visit, and enjoy getting to know an Indie author that is well worth your time.

Head over to Ann’s blog to read the full story. 

Spring Walkers – #WOW555

ACH!!! Forgot to post this in the morning so I could enter this week’s #WOW555 contest over at Wendy’s place. The theme is spring. Everything grows in the spring, right? Here’s a bit of a different look at Spring growth….

The old man scratched his grizzled beard and then threw back the hood on his parka. He wouldn’t need that parka much longer. The snow was melting, and then…. He looked at the boat arriving at the dock. It came every week with supplies, just like clockwork. He laughed a bit as he watched the boat come to the dock. In years past, Wyvernfield, was a tourist paradise in the spring. Now, the visitors waited until the cleanup; rather the “all clear” he sounded after the cleanup.

He walked towards the dock being careful to stay on the path. The flowers of Wyvernfield were well known and he didn’t want to harm one of them. They used to laugh when they said that Wyvernfield was so fertile it could grow anything. Now they said it with an ominous air to their voices. As he got close to the dock, his ears perked up. He heard laughter. Old Jake had forgotten how to laugh ever since… well ever since that day. He didn’t like laughter and yet there it was on his boat.

Gerald finally spied the source of the laughter. Two young men and a woman talking and laughing on the deck. He shook his head. “What in tarnation is Jake thinking,” he said out loud mostly to himself. His boots thumped on the dock as he grabbed the rope Jake threw.

“Afternoon, Gerald,” the skipper said. Jake hadn’t smiled since that day either. “Got some visitors for ye.”

Gerald tied the boat to the dock and Jake put out the gang plank. “So I see,” Gerald said. “What brings you folks to Wyvernfield?” he asked.

“Huntin’” the blond headed boy said, suppressing a giggle. “We heard you got an interestin’ huntin’ season startin’ soon.”

Gerald closed his eyes and shook his head. He didn’t really want to say something he’d regret later. “Jake,” he finally said, “tourist season doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. What’s up?”

Jake shrugged and pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket. He looked at the visitors who were crossing the gangplank onto the dock and tapped his forehead. Then he shrugged again.

The girl came up to Gerald and held out her hand, “I’m Arliene Fennelly. Pleased to meet you. I hope you’ll lead us in the hunt. You’ve got quite a reputation.”

Gerald sniffed as he looked at the outstretched hand. He finally shook it. “Missy,” he said looking her in the eyes, “I don’t know what you heard, but I ain’t giving you any promises; not even that you’ll get out of this alive.”

“We understand,” Arliene said. “Henry and Egbert really wanted to come and try the challenge. They said it was the most dangerous game.”

“Tourists,” Gerald spat. “It’s all fun and games to shoot the walkers – until you run out of ammo or they come at you in a group from behind. You’d better pay me in advance – and know that next year, you may be one of the targets.” Gerald shook his head at the whole situation. Wyvernfield could grow anything in the spring; even zombies.

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Fun and Nonsense and Stuff…

So tonight, for the third week in a row, I’ve missed #5MinuteFiction. It was a fun prompt too: “Your entry for this week must be focused on the theme of babies switched at birth, and one of them is special in a very unique way. (this baby may have magic powers.) Anyway, there are some fun stories, so check out the finalists at Wendy’s site and vote for your favorite story!

The first week was for a meeting which was necessary. Last week I had an “all expenses that will have to be paid by me” trip to the emergency room. This week was just fun! My wife and I celebrated 34 years and 11 months at the ball game. Ok…so it wasn’t really the occasion – it was her college’s half-price night at the game. We got the best seats we’ve ever had – except the manager for the home team stood between me and the hitter so I didn’t get pics – but that made it more fun. We had lots of fun talking with the couple on the end of the row. Turns out she was a Cubs fan having grown up in Iowa. I took a “shadow-selfie” just as we got there. I think it’s more artistic than a normal selfie! (#shadowselfie)

Front Row seats at the Hooks Game!

Front Row seats at the Hooks Game!








Later, the people next to us left for a bit. We thought they had left for good and the mascot (Sammy the Seagull) came to sit next to us. I had to take a selfie of that! I don’t do selfies normally and I took an artistic one and a normal one all in one night! When the couple came back when the mascot actually went back to work, she looked at me and said, “I was coming back and there was a bird in my seat!” She looked around and then said, “nope, he didn’t leave anything else.”

Sammy and Me

Sammy and Me













My tweet of that picture made the big screen. Later in the game, we made it to the big screen two more times. We were loud and raucous and had a lot of fun. I don’t think most people watching us would believe it if they were told that I don’t drink alcohol. They would wonder how it’s possible to act so crazy without help. Of course, as my amazing wife said, “He’s rubbed off on me and I don’t get embarrassed by his actions anymore. I’m joining in!” My report tomorrow won’t be very good….but tonight was worth it!