April’s Flowers #WOW555

April sniffed and wiped her eyes. The tears weren’t falling as hard as the rain as she looked outside the window. She liked April showers, most of the time. “But why today?” she wondered as she stared at the big Mayflower van in front of the house. She had hoped to say good bye to her friends. Now, no one was outside.

She sighed and turned around. As much as she hated this time, she had discovered that going outside and saying good bye made it bearable. She didn’t have to watch the movers box and take everything out of the house. She could pretend, when they left, that her parents were just taking her on a vacation. Well, except for the boxes she would have to unpack. She hated unpacking the boxes.

She tried to find her mom without getting in the way of the movers. “Yikes!” she jumped back.

“Sorry missie,” the guy behind the dolly said. “I can’t always see you. You need to stay out of our way.”

“Yeah, I know the drill,” she said. Then she remembered her manners. “Sorry, sir.” She walked away looking more carefully for other movers. She didn’t need to make either parent mad right now. They never were too sympathetic about her feelings. For sure now they didn’t have time for her.

No one was on the stairs, so she ran up quickly. She got to the top just steps ahead of a mover with the mattress from her parents’ room. She could hear her mom directing the movers as they packed. She was a worrywart! April hugged the wall as another mover came out of the bedroom with parts of the dresser. She let him slide by and made her way into her parents’ bedroom.

April watched her mother quietly, waiting to be noticed. It took a while for her mother to notice her. Finally, her mother looked up. When she saw April, she smiled. “Honey, I know these moves are hard on you,” she said. April almost couldn’t believe that her mother had acknowledged her feelings. “I did want you to know that we’re headed back to Richmond. We’ve got a house just down the street from where we used to live.”

April’s jaw dropped as she stared at her mom. She loved that neighborhood. She’d be able to meet up with old friends and maybe meet the family with those bushes that had the beautiful purple flowers.

“Dad’s going to be the station commander. I think you’re going to like the house he picked out.” Mom pulled out a piece of paper. It was one of those real estate flyers on the house. “See, right there on the corner. Plenty of room for you to practice your gardening.”

April smiled for the first time that day. She knew she’d be on pretty good terms with the owners of the house with the purple flowers.