Dead Presidents and Things Like That….

Greetings! Some of you may have made your way here via a link or a tweet from Wendy Strain. Welcome! Wendy not only is a friend, she runs the #5MinuteFiction contest, and she is an editor, ghost writer and an author in her own right. (Or should I have said “write?”) She is working on a book now and is raising the funds using #crowdfunding to support her research.

I LOVE that idea. As writers, we should support each other. Her goal isn’t large and every little bit you can give to support her will be helpful. In short, send her some pictures of dead presidents! She’s got a lot of different incentives as she goes along…but the biggest incentive should be helping another writer in her quest.


PS – Edited because after the catchy title about dead presidents (aka money) I left it out of the original post!