Hitting Brick Walls #WOW555

This week’s #WOW555 prompt fit in perfectly with what I was writing and what I was feeling: write us a scene that expresses how you are feeling about your writing progress. My characters were getting frustrated with their lack of headway. My female main character had just thought she had a lead, only to discover that what she thought might be a child kidnapping was a legitimate situation. This is her frustration…and mine at the time as I was making no progress myself. I am now within range of hitting y 50K goal. This was the feeling at the time, though!


Re’Lears got to her door. It was still wide open from when she had rushed out after the amou and his niece. She berated herself silently for leaving it like that. Anything could have happened. She pulled out her <weapon> and entered cautiously, closing and locking the door silently behind her. She looked around, but nothing seemed disturbed. No one had come in during her flight of frustration.

She flopped down on the couch, closed her eyes and shook her head. “Another dead end!” she exclaimed. “What else can I do?” Just then, the pain in her feet returned and she looked down at them with disgust. Running on the street barefoot would have been bad enough, but doing it during the time of dusting had really taken a toll on her feet. All the sand on the ground had cut into her feet and it was hard to tell where the orange sand stopped and the orange blood began. Not only was she at a dead end, she was in pain over it too.

She got up slowly and walked to the restroom. She’d have to use a lot of her precious water ration to take care of her feet now. She sat down on the toilet and put her feet in the sonic shower. “Maybe that will get rid of some of the dust,” she thought to herself. She turned it on and the sound waves washed over her feet and the leg sticking in the shower. Some of the dust and blood fell to the floor of the shower where the hydrostatic dust remover destroyed it.

She sat in frustrated silence and tended to her feet. She wouldn’t have to use as much of her precious water ration as she had feared, but she still poured some water over her feet and caught it in a bowl for the second pass. She wiped the water off, cleaning the blood with it, and recycled the water from the bowl with a second pass over her feet. She rubbed some antiseptic balm into her feet and they began to feel a little better.

She got up and walked gingerly to the couch. As she did, the morning light began breaking through her window. She shook her head. She had wasted the night worrying about the case; had gone off on a wild goose chase that yielded no results and now she needed to begin the new work day. “What a waste this night was,” she thought regretfully. She headed back to the sonic shower to get cleaned up to start the new day. At least today she could visit Seppe at home. Then she would talk with Shalisse. Somehow, they had to get a break on the case.

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