5 Minute Fiction – A Family Affair

The writings of three members of the James family made the finals tonight. The other two stories are also excellent! David is a friend who does a good job writing and Gwendolyn has had some amazing stories. So, go by and read, and vote for the story you like the best!

The prompt was describe a dramatic change either positive or negative. Here’s my story:

He trembled as he put the phone down. “They did it,” he said. He looked at his wife who had been waiting this answer. Either answer would have been fine, but now she knew the direction they would be going.

“YES!” she yelled.

“Yes,” he said with a broad smile. “I start training in two weeks.”

“Honey, I’m so excited for you,” she said. “You’ve worked your whole whole life for this chance.”

“I just hope you can deal with my absence during training.”

“You’ll be happy. What more could I want?” She looked outside as the sun was setting. The brilliant orange and pink hues joined the dark blues and grays of the clouds. She smiled at him. “C’mon outside for a sec.” She gestured to have him follow her.

He followed as they walked out the door. She gazed into the eastern sky. She caught a glimpse of the moon rising over the trees by the lake. She pointed at the moon. “You’ve always wanted to go there. You’ve trained and prepared for this. Now, you’ll have your chance to fly there.”

He smiled. “I can’t stop grinning. I couldn’t have done it without you.” He looked up at the moon. “To know that I’ll be one of the few men that have walked on the surface of the moon.”

She smiled back at him. “Just don’t bring back any dust. That stuff is hard to get out of the carpet.” They laughed together as they looked toward the sky.

Now get out to Write on Wendy and vote!