Mission to Mars!

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This week’s #5MinuteFiction prompt puts us on a Mission to Mars. The prompt is: “Your character has been selected to be on the first four person ship that will land on Mars. It’s nearing time to arrive. Now what?” All three stories are intense. One begins with a mystery. Another has murder lurking at the landing. Mine is the private diary of one of the travelers. I’m sharing mine here. Be sure to go to The Writing Network to vote

June 28th – Touchdown in 3 hours. About the only good thing about being the 4th most important man on a 4 man ship is being able to write about the trip. the next report isn’t due until after touchdown, so I’ve got three hours to describe the progress. Ironic isn’t it? The fame I’ve sought all my life, but I’ll never get to experience it. I hope my kids enjoy the profits from the book. One way trips do have their limitations.

John and Martha are busy checking the gauges. The whole thing runs by computer, but they have to look busy, don’t they? John, the captain. Haughty little jerk, isn’t he? “Do this. Don’t do that.” Sure he’s the captain and he’s supposed to give orders. I can’t help but wonder if Napolean would be more easy going than John. And Martha. Oh so beautiful. She runs around like she’s the queen bee. The only reason she really came along was for the kids. Someone had to populate Mars. Alright, enough griping. In spite of John’s ego, he does have things well in hand. He guided us through that asteroid field with lots of skill. Hold on, diary, I want to take a glance out the window.

Touchdown in 2 hours. Dates don’t mean much here on the ship. When we land, it will be day 1 of year 0. We will set the time. We will be preparing the way for future travelers. Perhaps some day people will come to visit Mars, not be forced to take a one way trip. There goes Juanita. She’s not too bad. She’ll manage the landing. She’s been practicing forever. She could do it blindfolded. She’s also good breeding stock. Is it crass to put it that way? They needed to check out our fertility if we wanted to start a colony. I’m just glad that John gets Martha and I get Juanita. Juanita isn’t stuck up.

Touchdown – 5 minutes. Nerves are setting in. Was it really worth it to make this trip? Sure, my parents are still young enough to care for the kids. The matchup sure saved me the pain of dating after Belinda died. But here, forever. No time for regrets now. Checking the suits to make sure they’re airtight.

4 Minutes. The nerves are fading. John is leading well. Juanita is landing this thing beautifully even in the dust storm.

2 Minutes. Bracing now. Will we survive the landing? Will we establish the colony?

Touchdown. We can see out the windows now. It’s barren and bleak. We’ll have to find ways to develop crops. But it’s beautiful. Time for me to send out my first report. The “Fantastic Four” has landed and now the work begins. Martha’s getting ready to disembark first. Maybe, just maybe, we;ll find a way to get along.

“Hello Earth! We’ve landed. 1st Mate Martha is getting ready to leave the capsule….”