Songs of A Day #WOW555

Here’s the contest prompt for this week – now that NaNoWriMo is over… (click the title to head to Wendy’s site)

Contest Prompt

Now that NaNoWriMo is over, how about we take a refreshing break from the stories we’ve been working so hard on. Once you’ve written the draft, it’s always a good idea to let it rest a bit before going back to edit/revise. For this week, let’s take a prompt suggested by Christy Lynn Foster: Describe a day as your favorite color.

So, I got a little whimsical here….enjoy


“That’s right, buddy!” I shouted. “I am smiling at you. You have a great one.” He walked on, without responding other than to keep on singing. I just kept smiling at him, and anyone else who walked by. Some looked up at me, as if they could feel my smile or hear my greetings. They couldn’t, I knew that. Still, I kept smiling – even if they didn’t know the song.

Whitey came along trying to cast a shadow by getting between me and the people. I got a bit perturbed, of course, and started to say something, but he cut me off. “Sky,” he said, “Ain’t nobody down there that can hear you or feel your smile. Get a grip on reality.”

I just kept smiling. Why, when I’m in full force, most people have great days. People go on picnics and look up at me lazily saying things like, “Isn’t this a great day?” When I’m on a roll, kids ride bikes, run, and swim. I am the Sky that everyone wants to see.

Whitey looked like he was getting a bit upset and was turning a bit gray. I decided to kid him a little. “What’s up old man? You’re beginning to cloud up a bit. We gonna have some tears now?” I forgot he didn’t like being called an old man.

He lashed out, trying to hurt me. “You ain’t even blue, you know that, Sky? Your nice white light family gets scattered and you look blue because you have the shortest wave length!”

I started laughing. If I had a dime for every time they told me that, I would be rich! Whitey clouded up some more, blocking me from seeing the people down below. Sparks flew from his eyes and every time they flew out, I laughed so hard that I shook.

“You laugh at me,” he roared, “but some people like me! People like farmers like me,” he spat through his teeth. Whitey got darker and darker as he got madder and madder.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Calm down! You’re going to …” I looked down and saw that it had happened. Whitey blocked me from seeing most of the ground, but what I saw didn’t look too good. People were putting newspapers over their head and running; running for any kind of shelter. They had embraced me. They knew that I smiled at them. Whitey, cried out of anger and frustration and they didn’t like his tears so they ran to shelter so that they could hide from them.

Whitey laughed at that thought. He was happy that now it wasn’t all about me and my smiles. Now, his gray sky would rule all that they could see and no one would see me. I looked at Whitey and shook my head. “You shouldn’t have done that, Whitey,” I said. “Those people were happy and enjoying me. Now, you’ve cried all over them.” I shook my finger at him. “You have given these people the blues.”


with homage to Irving Berlin at the beginning….

Writing Challenge #WOW555 – Tell a Story

Earlier this week, Wendy Strain from Write on Wendy issued her weekly #WOW555 challenge.

Contest Prompt

All right, if you’re keeping up with the NaNo schedule, you’re about 16,670 words into your manuscript by now. Are you seeing a subplot developing yet? Do you just need to take a break from these characters already? Maybe there’s some backstory you’re not sure about. For this week, give yourself permission to explore a tangent of your story. If you’re not in the middle of writing a novel in a month, let’s see 500 words of an idea you’ve been toying with. Yep, you’re reading this right – I’m giving you carte blanche this week. Tell us a good story.

And so, I explored further the life of my villain. How did he get drawn into a life of crime? The story fit into my novel, so I added close to 500 words with this contest! Anyway, here’s the story…

As he plotted his revenge, Cog thought back to when he first met the boss. Life had been rough for his family. He had never known his pater who had been one of the last, if not the last person killed in the Revolution. Because of that, they were poor anyway and now his mater was missing work because she was sick. She had sent him to the market to pick up food for the night.

It was at the market where it happened. The boys who ragged him at school showed up. This time it got physical since there were no teachers around to protect him. The pushing. The pulling. The shoving. Before he knew it, that night’s dinner was on the ground. He was nearly in tears and the relentless teasing continued – until the boss walked in.

Something about the boss scared the boys off and they scattered when they saw him. The boss looked at Cog who was scratched, bleeding slightly, and breathing heavily. He was fighting back tears. “Tonight’s supper?” he asked as he pointed at the mess on the floor.

Cog could only nod his head blinking back the tears.

“So what are you going to do? The boss asked.

Cog could only shrug. How could he tell a complete stranger that he would be going hungry tonight because they had no more money?

The boss nodded, understanding. Then he looked at him closely, as if studying him. “Aren’t you Narez’s boy?”

Cog did a double take and nodded, wondering how this man would know his mater.

The boss softened. “Your pater was a good man. We fought together It was a shame what happened to him.”

Cog choked out his next word; the first word he had spoken since the boss had entered the room. “Thanks.”

The boss nodded. “Things must be tough for you. Let me buy your dinner tonight.” He thought for a bit as if wrestling with himself. Then he said, “If you’re interested in working, I have a job for you. You come work for me and your mater will be taken care of. You come work for me,” the boss’s face darkened a bit in anger now, “creeps like them will never bother you again. You game?”

Cog was speechless at first, then he finally had the presence of mind to ask, “What would I be doing? Who would I have to kill?”

The boss laughed. “I don’t figure you for a killer. I see you more in acquisitions. Ya know, keeping up with my inventory.”

Cog smiled for the first time that night. “I can do that,” he said. “Inventory.”

Cog’s thoughts returned to the present. “’Inventory,’ he told me.” Cog laughed derisively. “Little did I know what I would have to inventory,” he mumbled to himself.

In addition, I won #5MinuteFiction by default. No one else entered. I think it was a good story though. Will share that tomorrow. In the meanwhile, enjoy this story!


NaNo Prep – and a Challenge!

I just discovered that I won the #WOW555 Challenge about getting inside the head of my villain. (see previous post) Thanks to those who voted for me and for the tiebreaker system. This week’s prompt is going to be a challenge for me. I’m not that strong on descriptive writing. I have an idea, though!

In your NaNo project, or in a completely unrelated scene, what is a symbolic color or image you are using? Our prompt today is for you to provide us with a scene that uses a color or image symbolically.

Don’t forget, the call for entries will come out on Friday. You’ll have from 5-5 CST to submit your response.

Click the trophy to get to the site. Happy Writing all!


#WOW555 Trophy

“Why Would People Call Me a Villain?”

As we get ready for NaNoWriMo, Wendy Strain over at Write on Wendy challenged us to flesh out our villain in her new #WOW555 challenge. The idea would be for us to focus on his/her motivation. This year, the finish to my trilogy involves a villain who doesn’t really see himself as a villain. Perhaps those kind are the worst. Now the story.

He rolled down the window and carefully looked through his binoculars. It was the third day in a row that he had seen this child playing in the park, carefree, alone and unprotected. None of the nannies bringing kids to the park after school even acknowledged her. He decided to follow her today, just to make sure he’d have enough time to get away before her loss was noticed.

He watched as she slowly picked her way through the park, apparently headed for home. He thought about getting out and walking as he followed her, but decided against it. If anyone caught him, he wanted to be able to fly out of there. He didn’t think a 7 year old girl would notice that he was following her. He also didn’t think anyone else would even notice that she was being followed so he decided to chance it and keep using the skimmer.

He shook his head sadly to himself as he thought about that. A cute young girl that no one cared about. “It’s almost like I’m doing her a favor,” he whispered under his breath.. She’ll have someone to take care of her once I pick her up.” He didn’t think about what he would be putting her through, of course. He just knew that the boss needed a girl like her for a special customer. If he did his job well, he’d be rewarded. And now he justified his actions with this fantasy that she’d be taken care of.

He followed her carefully, never getting closer than a half a block to her. She looked at at every flower bed along the way and stopped to pet every dog and every cat she saw. She was just craving attention. She needed someone to give her that attention; she needed someone to love on her. This one would get lots of attention where he would take her; she would have plenty of men to love on her.

He smiled to himself as he thought about it. As he thought more about it, he began to feel slightly heroic as he thought about how he would be rescuing this poor deprived child. As he grew more and more self-assured that he was actually doing the little kid a favor, he got closer and closer without realizing it. Suddenly he realized that the skimmer was right next to the girl. She recognized his presence and he decided to take her now.

“Hey honey? Can you help me? I’m looking for my dog.” He described one she had played with a couple of blocks ago. “Have you seen him?”

She smiled as she nodded without saying anything. “Where is he then?” he asked.

She pointed back the way she had come. He breathed deeply before his next question. “Can you get in and help me find him?” He opened the door and she came in without saying a word. He closed the door behind her and smiled. He was glad she was so young and trusting. She would be safe with him now.

Check out the other entries this week at the Write on Wendy Challenge site!

What do you give up in order to make the time to write?

Interesting question here. I basically said that during November, I focus and get things written. During the rest of the year, I get lazy and play around, mostly on Facebook. If you had to answer this question, how would you answer it?

First Excerpt from Restoring the Peace

This year my novel for NaNoWriMo is a sequel to last year’s novel. Last year was called “Inward Journey.” This year’s was “Restoring the Peace.” As of now, I’m planning on next year’s to be the third book in the series with the title of “Reconciliation.” (I’ll explain the rationale later)

I am publishing the first excerpt today. When I publish raw unedited text, I would love to have your comments and suggestions. Just be kind. I’ve already had one great comment from my Facebook author’s group so, please feel free to help me out. Here’s the setting and then the excerpt.

Setting: the land in the picture below. It’s a few months (lunar cycles) after last year’s novel. Male Main Character (MMC) is Seppe. Female Main Character (FMC) is Re’Lears (Re for short). They are waiting on news about a ruling from the Supreme Council. (I have to work that in more in the re-write…but I digress.) They get news of the death of a childhood friend of Seppe’s. (like an uncle to him)

Wesdania and Seppe

He looked into the night sky and realized that the moons had been in about these same positions when their case began four lunar cycles ago. Darwinda’s silver gleam was just now showing in the eastern sky while Granset’s golden hues were giving the impression of the end of daylight. Now, he was feeling romantic as he looked at Re’Lears under the glow of the moons. His tendrils quivered with excitement as he looked at her. They had begun dating a fourth of a lunar cycle after their last case when Seppe had screwed up the courage to ask her out. He finally realized how much he missed her companionship when they didn’t have the daily give and take of the case. He tried not to flaunt it in front of Aiden who had gained a new love, only to lose her to the killer almost immediately. Aiden hadn’t let his grief show, but Captain Tengler had suggested strongly that he take a vacation once the case was over. Seppe didn’t feel too much guilt about his developing relationship with Re’Lears when Aiden wasn’t around.

He looked at Re’Lears getting ready to say something stupid and make a fool of himself when his communicator chirped. Seppe was a bit annoyed until he realized how much a fool he would have been and thanked the Creator, whom he no longer really believed in, for protecting him. “Probably news about the announcement,” Seppe said breaking the silence.

He stood in silence for a few moments when Re’Lears egged him on. “Well, what’s the news then? Let’s hear it straight.”

“There is no chance of a magical moment tonight,” Seppe thought as he pulled out his communicator. Then he groaned. “It’s not the verdict,” he said, “It’s from Patron.” He looked at the communicator malevolently as if the communicator had failed in its job to protect him. He shook his head and started to put the communicator back in its case.

Re’Lears scolded him. “What? You aren’t even going to read what your Patron said? It might be important.”

Seppe laughed. She didn’t know Patron! “He never has anything important to say. I can tell you what it’s going to say: “Haven’t seen you in a while. Come on back for a visit. Come to the assembly with us.” He scoffed as he started to put the communicator back in his pocket.

As Re’Lears turned to face him, her face caught the golden hues of Granset which, instead of being softening, added an ominous aura to her appearance. “Seppe of the Qu’evah. You read your father’s message right now. I don’t care what you think it says. Read it!” She smiled a bit. “Besides, one of these days you may want me to come with you to meet them,” she said coyly.

Seppe rolled his eyes at Re’Lears and shook his head to let her know that she was wrong. Still, he  took out the communicator, selected the message and opened it. He started reading sarcastically. “’Dear Seppe, We have missed you. I have asked you to come home often. I know that you don’t really want to come home…’ no, how’d he know that?” Seppe asked then continued reading the letter, “‘I was hoping you’d come home for Vierados’ funeral.’” The mocking tone stopped as he read that news. Then he bowed his head as he shook it. “Vierados is dead?” he asked incredulously. He looked around and found a bench to sit down on. He put the communicator between his knees and stared at it in silence until Re’Lears broke through the wall of grief.

National Novel Writing Month – in Corpus Christi

As November approaches, the computers are getting warmed up and plots keep hatching all over. If you are a writer in the Coastal Bend who is doing NaNoWriMo this year, come join us!

South Texas Scribes

There will be no November meeting of the South Texas Scribes as many of our members will be participating in National Novel Writing Month. For those wishing to participate in National Novel Writing Month, please be sure that you have signed up for the event at

If you are participating in the Corpus Christi area:

  • I, Gloria Vasquez, be your Municipal Liason and you may contact me with any questions about nanowrimo.
  • All in person meetings are optional but very helpful.
  • At every event, look for the table with the viking helmet.
  • Plot-in
    • What: Time set aside to plot our novels before November
    • When: Sunday Oct 13, 2pm.
    • Where: “Coffee Waves” on Alameda, 5783 S Alameda
  • Kick Off Party – Costume Optional!
    • What: Just to mingle and get to know your fellow writers or ask questions. Family and friends of participants are more than welcome.
    • When: Sunday Oct…

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