#5MinuteFiction Finalist

The mind of a writer: What went through my mind as I wrote last night on the theme of sibling love? First of all, my hips were in pain, so I put my protagonist in that same pain. I meant it to be twin brothers – but autocorrect gave another name. Writing on the phone on a short time period, I didn’t want to waste time correcting it. What could have caused the pain? A fall. How did that happen? I moved it to a remote location which then gave way to the tension. The sister, deliberately not named – see the last sentence why. The gunshot…who fired? It’s not mentioned. Deliberately. A much darker story than I would normally tell, but it was an interesting journey for me. Oh, and it made the finals of‪#‎5MinuteFiction‬ so please go to the site and vote. There’s a tie at the top and I’m in 3rd place. Either break the tie or try to put me over the top!http://www.writeonwendy.com/5minutefiction-week-186-finalists/