And…the Story is In!

The prompt this week was to tell about the first time I used magic. This was tough, since stories about magic are not the kind I would normally write. Anyway, here it is

“Tell us again, Daddy!”

The little munchkins loved to hear the story. I could tell you that I never got tired of retelling it, but I’d be lying. Still, what could it hurt to tell it again.

“When I first saw your mommy I knew that I was in love.”

Emma came in and shook her head. “Oh, there you go again. We were only in 5th grade.”

“We stuck together, didn’t we?” I challenged her.

She responded by throwing a towel at me and heading back into the kitchen.

“Anyway, we had a substitute teacher that day when your mommy came in the room. You know what a substitute is, don’t you?”

The little ones nodded their heads. Fortunately they didn’t know how we treated them. I continued. “Things were a little crazy that day. The girl two rows ahead of your mommy liked me and she wanted to get my attention. She threw a pencil at me.” I stopped for a second. “Have I ever told you that I sat behind your mommy in class?”

“Yes, daddy. All the time!” The kids giggled.

“Well, that girl threw the pencil at me and hit your mommy! She knew that since she was new, she couldn’t let people get away with that so she picked up that pencil and threw it at the girl just as the substitute teacher turned around. It missed the girl and hit the substitute right in her hand.”

The kids’ eyes opened wide as they giggled. “That sub started walking right towards your momma. Her eyes were blazing and you could tell that she was mad.”

“What did you do, daddy, what did you do?” The kids asked – right on cue like they had asked dozens of time before.

“I wished. I wished real hard. I looked at the sub and I said so quietly that no one could hear, ‘Don’t punish her. Don’t punish her.’” I paused for a few seconds. “Then the most amazing thing happened. The sub looked at your mommy and said, ‘I was going to send you to the office, but for some reason it doesn’t seem right. If you apologize, I’ll forget it this time.’”

The kids squealed with delight.

“And that’s how I learned I had magic,” I said concluding the story.

“What did mommy do? Tell us that part!” they clamored.

“Well, for some reason, your mommy thanked me outside on the playground, kissed me and stayed with me ever since,” I said with a smile. “Now go to bed.” I didn’t want them to put two and two together to figure out what my second act of magic had been…and still was.