Blood Calls to Blood

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The theme of tonight’s #5MinuteFiction was “For today’s writing prompt: In keeping with the paranormal theme, write a story in which your character carries a secret in his or her blood.” TBH, there were some good stories there and I am waiting on my vote for a little bit! I am including my entry below:


“Blood calls to blood.” John couldn’t remember how many times his mother had told him that, but it was never important before tonight. As the searched the bushes for the lost girl, his blood started rushing, almost screaming in his veins. This girl was kin and he hadn’t known it.

He couldn’t tell the others – they wouldn’t understand. He slowly led the search party away from their original objective. It took awhile for anyone to say anything. When Frank pointed out that they had strayed from their original path John muttered something about “feeling it in his blood” and moved persistently through the tangled underbrush.

He thought about the purges and how he had barely survived when his mother hid him just before she was taken away. He knew that he couldn’t explain what was happening. The blood screamed louder and off in the distance they heard a short cry. He wondered if it was her. He wondered if she realized what she was feeling.

All those thoughts ran through his mind quickly when out of the brush a figure broke into a run holding the girl. She hadn’t been lost; she had been taken and now her blood called out to his in an almost deafening cry of fear. He called out and the team tracked the kidnapper down, rescuing the poor frightened child. John focused on her and as their blood calmed down together he quietly told her not to say anything; that they would talk soon. After so many years he had finally found another. To think that it was his best friend’s child.


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The Land Beyond the Portal – review

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Now for the review:

book cover

Book Cover for the Land Beyond the Portal

The Land Beyond the Portal by J. S. Bailey

Laura is seeking to find herself. A bout of injury induced amnesia has left Laura clueless about everything but her first name. Stuck in an old house in the middle of a blizzard, she looks around the house trying to find anything she can about herself. When she gets to the basement she discovers a room below the basement. As she walks into the room an unknown force transports her to a warm summer day in the middle of a pasture.

She is discovered by a young boy who, with his sister, has wandered farther than he should have while exploring. As Laura enters what appears to be a quaint medieval village she begins a journey that moves from trying to discover her own identity to unlocking the mysteries of the village. She is taken in by the village’s benevolent leader,  only to find that many do not see him as benevolent as the rumors start flying about him. The rumor mill appears to be an attempt to replace him. The villagers talk in glowing terms of their deity, but underneath their praise is a strong measure of fear. What happened to the village leader’s boy who disappeared years ago? What happened to his daughter who disappears at the festival in honor of the village deity? As Laura seeks to unlock those mysteries, and prove that the village leader didn’t murder his missing daughter she also has the seemingly impossible task of finding her way back home.

As the book concludes, all of the loose ends are tied together as Laura and the other time travelers lead their friends to discover the truth behind the village deity, the ugly rumors about the village leader and how people are traveling in time. They also discover the location where the daughter had been spirited away, uncover the mystery of the missing son and ultimately who Laura really is.

Bailey sets an amazing web of confusion in this book that ultimately resolves satisfactorily in the end. One of the best messages that I got from this book is the reminder that God is present wherever and whenever you might be. Another time traveler reminds Laura of her love of the true God and under the power of prayer they embark together on some dangerous journeys seeking to solve the mysteries. Some of the people whom Laura thought she could trust turned out to be involved with the evil influence in the land and others turn out to be quite different and more helpful than they first appear.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It has good characterization and the descriptions of the valley where the village is located make you feel like you are actually there. Even more than that though is a story line that draws you in and makes you wonder what will happen next. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop reading until I was finished. If you’re looking for a fun read that touches on suspense, hints at the paranormal and even includes science fiction, this is a book you will love.