Stats Ain’t Everything – #WOW555

This week, the prompt dealt with people who can’t see the forest for the trees. In other words, those who can’t see the bigger picture. I’ve dealt with a tension of minor leaguers who are looking for a chance in the majors. Personal advancement vs. the good of the team. I wish I could have used more words! 🙂


Dylan smiled. The scout was coming down to the locker room tonight. He’d been waiting for the call to the big time for a long while. “Too long,” he thought to himself. He was surprised that he had lasted until #5 in the draft. He’d been down here at Double A for almost a month. Oh, perhaps they might send him to Triple A, but he knew he was headed for the bigs! His game tonight proved it. Two homers, five RBIs. “If it wasn’t for me,” he thought, “we’da been shut out.”

He looked over at Hank and shook his head. Hank thought he had a chance to make the bigs and he gave up three runs in the first inning. They still had a chance to win the game, “thanks to me,” he thought, until Freddie over there gave up that three run homer in the seventh. As he thought about his game though, he couldn’t help but smile. He began his list of people who needed tickets for his first game at Camden Fields.

He turned his head and looked back at his locker. He didn’t want his joy about his upcoming promotion to cause the other guys more problems even though he knew they’d miss him when he was gone. He slowly peeled off his shirt. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw him. Tony Bush, the lead scout for the Baltimore Orioles, was headed to talk to the skipper. It wouldn’t be long now.

After a few minutes the skipper came out of his office. “Garcia!” he yelled. Dylan smiled. He’d been having a good season. He’d need some time in Triple A, but he was ready. They looked through the glass. When Garcia smiled and shook hands with Bush, Dylan knew that he’d gotten the call.

“Johnson!” the skipper called next. Dylan was puzzled. Johnson wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t spectacular. Dylan raised an eyebrow when he saw Johnson smile and shake Bush’s hand also. Was Johnson heading up to Triple A also? Wow! He couldn’t help but think of what place they had in mind for him! He was more puzzled when the skipper and Bush came out of the office.

“Guys!” the skipper said. “Johnson and Garcia are headed to Norfolk. We’ll miss them, but congrats guys. You earned it.” The skipper and Bush shook hands and Bush started to leave. Dylan ran up to him and said, “Mr. Bush, I’m Dylan Frazier.”

Bush stopped and looked at him. A smirk crept up his face and he snorted. “Yeah, I know who you are, Dylan.”

Dylan smiled, not noticing that the other players were taking interest. “Oh, I thought.…” he hesitated, not sure of how to proceed.

“You thought your good hitting would get you called up.” Bush narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, you hit good, No question. If you make it to the Orioles, you’ll succeed.” He stopped for a second and then kept Dylan from asking any other questions. “You drove in five runs for us and you let two runs score for them by not cutting off the throw. You hit good but you missed an obvious bunt sign. You’re not a team player, son. The Orioles don’t need prima donnas, they need teammates. Garcia and Johnson – they understand teamwork. You don’t yet. I hope you learn with your talent. Until you do….” Bush shook his head, and went out the door.