Flash Fiction

As I spent some time asking you to read and support my work of flash fiction, I thought I would share my writing with you. The first story, with the prompt of “Vikings” lost in the runoff for last weeks #5MinuteFiction contest. That contest is held every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM Central time. I do appreciate those of you who already read that story and supported me. If you are a writer, you will want to go to that link on Tuesday night. The second story, written with the same prompt and the benefit of a short bit of research – which I didn’t use later because of time, and a Viking Name Generator is one that came to mind during the runoff election. I wrote it under the same time parameters as the first one. They are short, need editing, but hopefully fun. Read, enjoy, comment and enter next Tuesday night! (Titles added later)

New World Battles

We stared at the new world with trembling. So many times we had come close before, only to discover that they had been there first. The natives were not happy to see us if the Vikings had been there first.

“What do you think, Captain,” I asked as we approached the shore.

“There is a distinct lack of smoke,” he said. “Either they have not made it here or they have come and left long ago.”

We jumped into the long boat, leaving our ship in the hands of the crew. The soldiers came with us for protection. Many had already been lost as we encountered the natives after the Vikings. We rowed ashore silently hoping to avoid warning anyone who might be there.

As we approached, the nerves of each man began showing. Each wondered how he might react this time should they actually encounter any Vikings. Most had barely escaped in previous meetings. We landed warily and looked around. Off in the distance we saw what might be a native village. It was untouched. We relaxed as we jumped off the boat and headed towards shore. Perhaps this time we might be able to establish friendly relations with the natives.

We approached the village with more freedom than other places we had come. Natives stared at us as we walked past. Soon we met the chief and through signs and acting we were able to communicate our good intentions. It was time to head back to the ship to get our gifts.

As we turned we looked towards the boat. Flames and smoke billowed from the boat. They had attacked. This was going to be a lot more difficult than we had thought.


As a fan of alternative history I had an idea. What if the Vikings, having discovered America first, had actually been the prime settlers. What would happen if the Vikings, now civilized, dealt with a revolution in society? Here’s an idea written under the same time constraints but with the benefit of more time to think about the prompt. (And a Viking name generator.)


Abi looked at his desk and shook his head. It was hard to believe. He turned in his chair and looked out at Leif Erickson Square trying to understand the mob rioting out there. While he couldn’t hear through the windows 15 stories up, it was obvious that they were cheering loudly as they pulled down Leif Erickson’s statue. He had discovered this country. He and his descendants had made this country great. Now in a few short years…

Abi turned back to his desk. While his boss was following the law; he had gone so far as to allow Abi to come in and clean out his desk. Some of his friends hadn’t been so lucky. They showed up at work today only to find out that their key cards weren’t working. He and his friends had been texting, wildly sharing their trials that they were enduring only hours after the edict had been published.

“The English,” Abi growled as he dumped the contents of his drawer into a box. “They started this and they won’t know how to deal with this country now that they’ve run us out.”

Abi looked up as James walked in. He tried to smile. James was one of the good guys. The Africans and the Vikings had always worked well together and Abi, with what loyalty remained for the company and the country, was glad that James would be his replacement. He shuddered to think about what would happen with those companies that turned solely to the English for replacements.

“I’m so sorry, Abi,” James stuttered looking at his long time friend.

“You’ll do well, James. You would have been in my position soon anyway. You know your stuff.”

James smiled and nodded as he looked at his mentor, “Good teacher.”

Abi actually worked up a smile as he looked at James. “There will be rough times ahead, James. You can do it. Watch out for the English, though. Watch out for the English.”

#5MinuteFiction Runoff

So, after all the votes were counted, it was a tie. We are having a runoff. Check out the stories again and vote again..or for the first time. I would appreciate your support, especially if you think mine really should win! Vote at Write on Wendy for the tiebreaker. Thanks!


There is a contest known as #‎5MinuteFiction held every Tuesday night. You write a story in 5 minutes…well…15 minutes from prompt appearance to close of contest. First of all I want to make you aware of it and second of all, I’d like to invite y’all to read the finalists and vote. My entry is one of the top 5 – apparently there were only 5 entries? Anyway, please head over to the #5MinuteFiction finalist page  Read the entries and vote on the one you think is the best. (I’ll never know who you vote for so you can vote for the one you like the most.)  You have until 7:30 PM Central time Wednesday to vote. THEN….prepare to enter yourself next week on Tuesday night at 7:30 PM Central time.

Diane O’Key was the judge for the evening and Wendy Strain  is the host of this fun contest. The prompt was that you had to include Vikings in the story.