Dragon Con Nominations Are Out!

One of the oldest Science Fiction (etc.) Conventions is Dragon Con. The nominations for Dragon Con Awards are out. I want to urge you to register to vote. Then, vote! If I may influence you on a couple of votes. Best Paranormal Fiction: I would suggest Dangerous Ways by R.R. Virdi. I really enjoyed this book and it’s worthy of this award. I should note that this is his second nomination. The other book I would recommend is A Change in Crime by D. R. Perry in the Alternate History Category.

So, how do you sign up to vote? Go to the Dragon Awards Voting Sign Up Page and fill out the form. Then, when you get the form, vote! Both of those authors I recommended are good indie authors, and we need to support them!

And Now The Voting Really Begins! #WOW555

I just checked the votes at Wendy’s Place. 5 votes – each story has one vote. So, head on over and read all 5 stories, then vote for your favorite. It would be great to get a whole bunch of votes this week! The theme relates to Spring. There are an interesting variety of ways spring is used in these stories… so enjoy!

The Finalists Have Been Announced!

Yours truly is once again a finalist for #5MinuteFiction over at Write On Wendy. You can see my story in the post before this one. What you will really enjoy doing is reading all of the entries and choosing the one you like the best. Naturally, I like mine. You may like mine best or you may prefer another story. Either way, you’ll get a chance to read 5 good flash fiction stories and help choose a winner. So, head on over, enjoy yourself and vote!

#5MinuteFiction Finalist

The mind of a writer: What went through my mind as I wrote last night on the theme of sibling love? First of all, my hips were in pain, so I put my protagonist in that same pain. I meant it to be twin brothers – but autocorrect gave another name. Writing on the phone on a short time period, I didn’t want to waste time correcting it. What could have caused the pain? A fall. How did that happen? I moved it to a remote location which then gave way to the tension. The sister, deliberately not named – see the last sentence why. The gunshot…who fired? It’s not mentioned. Deliberately. A much darker story than I would normally tell, but it was an interesting journey for me. Oh, and it made the finals of‪#‎5MinuteFiction‬ so please go to the site and vote. There’s a tie at the top and I’m in 3rd place. Either break the tie or try to put me over the top!http://www.writeonwendy.com/5minutefiction-week-186-finalists/