The Gods of Heavenly Punishment – a review

I recently had the opportunity to review the book “The Gods of Heavenly Punishment” by Jennifer Cody Epstein. The full review is posted at Fiction Addict. Here is the beginning of the review:

As I read The Gods of Heavenly Punishment, I felt as if I was slowly flipping through an album of snapshots showing an amazing period of history. We often think when looking at our friends’ snapshots, “if only these pictures could tell me their story.” In this case, Jennifer Cody Epstein had the characters step out of their pictures to tell their stories. These snapshots of history take us from pre-World War II peace to the horrors of war and then on to survivors seeking peace after the war.

The story revolves around three families whose lives interweave and connect in varied ways…. To read the rest, check out the actual review at Fiction

I’m sending you there instead of posting the full thing here because Fiction Addict has some other amazing reviews that you should be checking out! I was a reader of Fiction Addict before I became a reviewer. Great site!


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